Holy exploitation, Batman!

While skipping the commercials on The Discovery Channel, all of a sudden the screen is flashing with “September 11th, George W Bush, Memorial, Justice, Military, Osama Bin Laden, Visa, Mastercard, Bald Eagle, God, Personal Check, You Can Run But You Can’t Hide” which, fairly sums up my feelings about a lot of the rhetoric in this country.

It’s how the Right tricks the average American into voting for insane candidates, and harmful laws. When people vote in that way, it’s because they genuinely think they are doing what’s best for America, their families, and Jesus, because they’ve bought the BS.  All you have to do is slap the words Family, Jesus, America, Tradition, September 11 on just about anything, and uninformed, well-meaning citizens that just don’t know any better will buy it. Fuck, they’ll buy 10 for family members, and another 5 as collectible investments. 

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  2. v-v-f said: I saw one commercial saying their coins were made of gold and silver from Ground Zero itself. What, did they go picking through the wreckage to pry the fillings from people’s skulls? That’s a hell of an image.
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